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We are dedicated to raising the standards and outcomes of court-ordered educational services through outcome-based innovative programs and curricula delivered by experienced professionals.

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  • Online Classes

    Advanced Behavioral Rehabilitation’s Online programs were developed in response to a demand to have high-quality Online programs with the same content as our proven In-Person Classes.  While the platform is different, the materials are the same.  These programs were created by the same people who developed our In-Person Classes and they are taught by both our Founder, Dr. Bryan Weinstein, a practicing psychiatrist in South East Michigan and the Masters’ Level Social Workers who teach our In-Person Classes.  These programs are broken up into modules that allow the participant to take them at convenient times over the course of a month.  Because accountability is essential for the courts, these programs have a unique monitoring system that allows the court to ensure that their client is, indeed, taking the class.  These programs are perfect for clients who need to complete a program within a few days, who have complicated work schedules, who live in remote areas or who need a quality program, but do not live in Michigan.

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  • In-Person Classes

    Advanced Behavioral Rehabilitation has been running the highest-quality, research-based court ordered programs for a decade in the State of Michigan.  These programs were developed by the leading professionals in their fields and are taught by Masters’ Level Social Workers.  In an effort to reduce recidivism and change lives, ABR has tailored these classes to meet the needs of the clients coming through the doors.  We have a high success rate of completion and we work closely with Judges, Probation Officers, Attorneys and other Court Officials to ensure that clients remain compliant with court orders.  Our In-person classes are taught throughout South East Michigan on a schedule that is created to work around most peoples’ work schedules.  These programs are perfect for clients who live in Michigan and need to comply with court orders.

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Our Programs

ABR offers didactic based programs that are aimed at creating a level of awareness into our client’s behavior to help them in the future.

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Our Staff

ABR only hires individuals who are at a master’s level or above. Their high skill of expertise is essential is creating change in our clients.

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Our Locations

ABR services courts and is based out of Southeast Michigan with various locations throughout the state. Find a location nearby you.

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