Assessments and Evaluations

Psychiatric and Psychological Evaluation / $150

This is a 90-minute one-on-one session with one of ABR’s master’s level therapist. It is meant to be a thorough evaluation that will help identify underlying causes of aberrant behaviors; this information is needed to best determine short and long term treatment, probation, and/or monitoring plans. The client completes several written test protocols as well as the interview. A thorough write up is delivered to the court.

Intake Assessment for Program Level / $60

This assessment is used when the Court/Probation is unsure what program (ABR or otherwise, such as an OPC) or service is most appropriate for a particular individual.

Substance Abuse/Alcohol Assessment / $200

Thorough evaluation of the individuals’ history and current use. MAST, DAST, SALCE, and other tools used as determined by the ABR’s Master’s level therapist.

DAAD / $250

For Driver License Restoration; 10-Panel drug screen required.

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