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Whether you’re an Attorney, a Probation Officer, a Judge or an individual seeking help, ABR is the right choice for you!  Here are the top 5.2 reasons to Choose ABR:

  1.  We’re Automated – Everything at ABR is integrated into one simple-to-use system that allows you to access your clients’ account real-time and, thus, save you time!  Everyone at ABR is connected through our system and this allows you access to their orders, attendance, progress updates and other important information.  Quickly and easily access information for court on your computer or smartphone!
  2. We’re Always Running Classes – Clients have an opportunity to schedule their program right away and can finish quickly.  If your client is completing class prior to sentencing or is ordered to compete by a specific date, we can accommodate that.  This saves you time and removes the hassle of trying to get your client scheduled and completed in a short period of time.
  3. We’re Trained – All of ABR’s Instructors are Master’s Level Social Workers or an equivalent.  We care that our clients are receiving the best possible education because we want to impact their lives and provide positive outcomes.  People who gain insight into their actions while attending one of our programs are less likely to recidivate and are more likely to remain compliant.  This not only helps them, but helps you by making your job easier.
  4. We’re Here When You Need Us – ABR has an incredible support staff that works closely with our Instructors and Management Teams to ensure that you can get what you need when you need it.  Save time and stress by contacting us.  We answer the phone, return emails and we’re happy to help!
  5. We’re Recognized – We’ve been around over a decade and we’re recognized throughout court systems in the State of Michigan for having top-notch classes.  You can feel confident sending your clients to us that the court knows who we are!

.2 – We Know  the Courts – Just like the courts know who we are, we know the courts and their different needs and wants.  That simple-to-use system that makes your life easier, enables us to tailor to the needs of each court and individual within the court!

Now that you know why to choose ABR, you can refer a client to on of our life-changing programs!

Building Insight. Improving Lives.

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