Driving Programs

Level I Basic Driver Rehabilitation / $75

Total Class Hours: 4
Small (6-20) instructor-led group session.

Through the utilization of cognitive-behavioral techniques and cognitive behavioral restructuring, participants will learn to recognize thinking errors that lead to irresponsible behaviors. Discussions are dynamic, interactive, and explore each student’s prior negative actions in a non-judgmental environment. Areas of focus include masks, criminal thinking, choices, triggers, and power/anger. Participants work through several exercises.

Level II Basic Driver Rehabilitation / $90

Total Class Hours: 6. Includes everything covered in the Level I program, plus additional exercises and topic such as Licensing Actions and Points, Excuse Making, and Thinking Errors.

Advanced Driver Rehabilitation / $310

Total Class Hours: 18 hours over 12 weeks.

This is one of ABR’s most rigorous and effective programs for probationers with multiple driving offenses. Small (6-15 students) instructor-led group sessions. Program objectives include identification of thinking errors, stopping criminal thinking patterns, and developing the skills required to change their perceptions. Homework is assigned and accountability is required. Discussions are dynamic, interactive, and explore each student’s prior negative actions in a non-judgmental environment. Written Progress Updates are sent to the Court every 4 weeks during this program. Note: this program requires an assessment that is an additional $90.

Agenda: Module 1: Introduction: Program goals and key concepts; open sharing of criminal history
Module 2: Thinking Errors: rational and irrational belief questionnaire, thinking errors
Module 3: Excuse Making/Failure to Take Responsibility: review thinking error homework, excuse making exercise, “DUI in 5” video
Module 4: Tactics/Masks: masks or facades exercises, homework; Probation Report sent
Module 5: Continuum of Criminality: identify self on continuum; thinking report homework
Module 6: Thinking vs. Feeling: noticing your feelings and thoughts exercises
Module 7: The Power Pendulum and Anger: power and control; zero-state defenses
Module 8: Core Beliefs: review anger log, your core beliefs; Probation Report sent
Module 9: Triggers – Internal and External: denial, warning signs, knowledge is power
Module 10: Choices and Decision-Making Skills: sound decision-making skills
Module 11: Correcting Thinking Errors: reflect, reframe, refocus, attitude handout
Module 12: Final Review: positive image exercise, final review; Probation Report sent

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