About Us


We are owned and operated by a psychiatric and psychological team. Advanced Behavioral Rehabilitation follows a clinically relevant directive.We are dedicated to raising the standards and outcomes of court-ordered educational services through outcome-based innovative programs and curricula delivered by experienced professionals.

We are committed to support the efforts of judges and court officers by bringing about permanent and measurable behavioral change leading to a nationwide reduction in recidivism. We aim to protect society by teaching offenders how to make better choices in their lives.


Advanced Behavioral Rehabilitation is dedicated to raising the standards of behaviorally based educational services; delivered and created by experienced professionals. Our innovative programs are founded in medically relevant principles. Our courses are capable of building insight and awareness, which is the foundation for positive and lasting change.


At ABR, our educational programs help people develop greater awareness into their psychological vulnerabilities. Furthermore, we help the individual gain tools for understanding and coping.

At ABR, we strive to elevate self-esteem, improve self care, decrease shame and isolation, and enliven a person’s view of self and capacity for choice. With the goal of fostering behavioral change. ABR offers a supportive network for people who are beginning to change their lives, with the goal of fostering behavioral change.

The ABR participant will ultimately discover alternative ways of understanding themselves, thus allowing for greater flexibility and awareness of choices in their lives. To the individual whose only option has been using on drugs, we offer an alternative – the possibility of tolerating and managing distress, and the development of healthier choices.

Building Insight. Improving Lives.

One step at a time